Diamondback Downtown has all sorts of regional and local provisional selections. Check out our regional and local selections of coffee, drinks, snacks, produce, meats, cheeses and much more. Whether you need items for a last minute charcuterie board or you're taking your dog out for a walk and need a treat, Diamondback Downtown has you covered.

A row of cans of sunstory on a shelf
A row of bottles of just ice tea sitting on a shelf
A table topped with lots of different types of drinks
A bag of chicken strips next to a packet of chicken strips
A box of pizza next to a box of cheese
a store shelf filled with lots of different types of food
a couple of bags of coffee sitting on top of a shelf
A close up of a bag of food on a table.
A carton of king of pups ice cream sitting on a table
Jars of pickles on a shelf in a store
A shelf filled with lots of bottles of sauce.